4 Easy & Thoughtful Mother's Day Craft Activities for the Kids!

4 Easy & Thoughtful Mother’s Day Craft Activities for the Kids!

It is a known fact, that the most special Mothers Day gifts come straight from the heart, particularly when they’re created by the little ones themselves! There are so many different art & craft ideas floating around but sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. You’ve come to the right place! Here are 4 very simple but creative & thoughtful Mother’s Day activities that even the littlest of hands will grasp!

Protect our Species: Earth Day 2019

Protect our Species: Earth Day 2019

We share our planet with 8.7 million species! That’s 6.5 million species on land and 2.2 million in our oceans.  Together these species create the web of life upon which human life depends. But today, up to half of all species are threatened by the result of human activity including climate change, deforestation, trafficking and poaching, habitat loss, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and pesticides to name a few.

How to teach young children about ANZAC Day

How to teach young children about ANZAC Day.

Research in education tells us that children learn best when they are highly interested, active and help make decisions about their learning.  By learning through hands-on, sensory and real-life experiences about ANZAC Day, the little ones will have an opportunity to appreciate the importance of this commemorative occasion, and the part it plays in building peace in communities today.

How to save energy in child care centres

How to save energy in child care centres

Childcare centres have a fantastic opportunity not only to educate children about being energy-aware, but also to ‘walk the talk’ every day.

And let’s not forget that energy savings translate into lower operating costs, which can benefit both the business and families.  STEP Learning Resources highlights five easy ways childcare centres can save on energy now and in the future.

Easter Craft Ideas that are creative & engaging

5 ‘Egg’cellent Easter Craft Ideas that are creative & engaging!

Easter is a joyful time of year for both children and educators, with its hat parades, egg hunts, chocolate wrappers, egg decorating and all sorts of other creative and engaging activities going on. It’s a great time for crafters but it’s so easy to run out of ideas. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog to Easter craft projects, showing you 5 different ways to express your passion for this wonderful celebration. Get creative with the coolest pre-school craft ever!

Appreciating cultures; Everybody belongs

Appreciating cultures; Everybody belongs

Harmony Day, 21 March 2019

A strong sense of individual identity can be encouraged through engaging in activities that stimulate shared identities. Harmony day is an important time for children and educators to embrace the local community and engage in conversations about inclusion, respect & helping others. Thinking about children around the world and the need for us to all work together will ensure a healthy and happy world, and a sense of belonging for everyone.

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