Early Education News Edition 11

Early Education News Edition 11

With Spring, comes the release of the Early Education News Edition 11! Providing you with hints & tips on how to turn your dream new childcare centre fitout into a reality. Click here to download your own copy.

Every STEP is an adventure – Platypus Junction Mulgrave

At Platypus Junction in Mulgrave, Victoria, every day is an adventure for the lucky children who attend this leading early learning centre.
Felicity Hall, Group Business Director, spoke about the highlights of Platypus Junction and her experience with STEP Learning Resources.
‘Our Mulgrave centre was designed by Melbourne’s leading early learning designers, Perkins Architects,’ Felicity explained. ‘It is set over two floor levels with five separate age group rooms from babies to kindergarten. The early learning centre enjoys lots of natural light and is decorated with a sophisticated and calm colour palette to enhance the children’s learning environment.’
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How to Create an Environment that works – expert advice from Brenda Abbey

Educators know that the physical environment impacts upon the behaviours and interactions of children and adults. They also know that creating environments that work for children enables them to spend valuable time interacting positively with the children. This is especially so with indoor learning environments.
However, setting up an indoor learning environment is a challenge for any educator even if the design of the room is ideal – which in many cases it is not.
Learn how to overcome this challenge (link to Newsletter below)

Adding value to childcare even before a centre is built – Kensington Castle

Lesley Bridge and Laureen Keogh did not want to leave anything to chance in the planning of Kensington Castle Early Education Centre in NSW. They invited Dan Kennard of STEP Learning Resources to help plan the furniture and resources before the centre had even been built.
Lesley is Owner and Co-Director of the centre, along with her business partner Laureen. ‘Laureen had worked with Dan and STEP before,’ explained Lesley, ‘so there was an existing successful relationship. Kensington Castle operates in the premium sector of the childcare industry, so we wanted to work with a company renowned for high quality exceptional products.’
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