7 Fun and Exciting Mother’s Day Activities for Children

7 Fun and Exciting Mother’s Day Activities for Children

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to think about some crafty Mother’s Day gifts for the little ones. There’s nothing more meaningful than a gift that has been hand crafted by the children themselves.

We’ve come up with 7 super easy crafty ideas for you to try with your class this year. With these easy and adorable craft activities, children can make mum a simple, sentimental treat that doubles as a thoughtful keepsake.

A Butterfly Card

This is a very simple activity that even toddlers can participate in. Help the children apply paint to their hands with a paint brush. It’s a good idea to ask kids about the colours that they’re interested in.  Next, show them how to apply their hands to the paper to transfer the paint, in order to get a butterfly shape.  Finish decorating the card with markers and any other craft material they desire.

A Mother’s Day Collage

Ask the children (and remind parents about it) to bring printed photographs to the childcare centre on the day of the activity. These should be family pictures and photos that show different things mum does – playing with the kids, taking care of them, doing activities together, reading a book, etc.

Ask the children to cut out the most beloved parts of each picture. Provide them with a large piece of cardboard and glue, for them to glue the picture fragments on the cardboard and create a Mother’s Day collage.

Air Dry Clay Necklace Making

Using air dry clay and acrylic paint, children can craft a beautiful piece of jewellery for their mum. Whether it be a necklace or bracelet, it’s something that she can wear and keep close to her throughout the day.

A Painted Mug for the World’s Best Mum

Provide children with plain mugs, brushes and acrylic paints.  Have the children write something special or paint a picture their mum will love.  Instruct them to keep the paint away from the top edge of the mug so that you ensure safe sipping.  Once finished, you could even allow them to place an arrangement of assorted tea bags or coffee pods inside

A Heart-Shaped Picture Frame

Using cardboard, paper, markers & crayons, safety scissors & glue, and with a little bit of guidance, children can make a picture frame from scratch.

You will need to print a heart template and a heart-shaped frame that kids will need to trace on the cardboard and cut out. Next, put a picture on the heart shape and stick it. Apply the frame on top.  The children can then decorate the frame in any way that little artists deem appropriate.

Fingerprint Magnets for Mom

This is an ideal project for pre-schoolers and younger children. You will only need clear fridge magnets and acrylic paint. Allow kids to deep a finger in the paint and make a fingerprint on the magnet. This fingerprint can easily be transformed into a heart, a flower or a cute animal.

Yarn-Wrapped Letters

Making yarn-wrapped letters requires you to have letter templates, cardboard and different colours of yarn. Children can get really creative with their decorative efforts and they can also spell out “mum” or the name of their mother.

Do you feel inspired already? Check out the Step product store for all of the art and craft supplies you will ever need. If you need some additional suggestions and tips for keeping kids engaged, visit our article blog.

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