9 ideas for celebrating 'Reading is my Superpower'

9 ideas for celebrating Book Week, ‘Reading is my Superpower’

This year’s theme “READING IS MY SUPERPOWER” is perfect for showing children the power of stories, and how the ability to read opens up new and magical worlds where the wondrous, impossible and magnificent can happen.  Stories are so powerful they open up whole new worlds where we can all be superheroes!

‘Reading is my Superpower’ opens up realms of opportunities for fun activities in the classroom. Looking for inspiration? Here are some engaging & enjoyable classroom activities that will never cease to amuse the children:

1:  Have the children bring in old, unwanted books and use the pages to make superhero capes

2: Make origami ninjas to decorate the classroom

3:  Design a “Super Reader” logo for a chest plate that can be worn by the day’s ‘super reader’

4: Have a new superpower to practice each day – super problem solving, super time travel, super world travel.

5: Dreamtime Book Pack: With super time travel take the children back to the Dreamtime. Let the children listen to the CD and then, with super tracking and hunting powers they can creep through the bush with their own specially decorated super boomerang!

6:  ‘Speak Chinese Fang Fang’ Book Pack: Take the children on a super world trip to China, making beautiful Chinese lanterns and learning the art of the Chinese fan.

7:  Little Red Riding Hood Book Pack: Have a re-enactment of Little Red Riding Hood with our costume, picnic basket and finger puppets! Let the children use their imagination to give Red Riding Hood a superpower that could change the story’s ending!

8:  Gingerbread Man Book Pack: Decorate your own felt gingerbread men with felt sheets & colourful buttons. Children love the magical possibility of food coming alive!

9:  The Three Little Pigs Book Pack: Think of ways to outsmart the big bad wolf with your quick-thinking superpower. This is a great little kit with hand paddles to act along with the storybook and give the children the opportunity to build their own houses of straw, sticks and bricks!

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