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Early Education News Edition 12

We’ve got a new read for you!  Check out the latest edition of the Early Education News, featuring some of Dr Brenda Abbey’s Top Tips on How to Create Natural Indoor Learning Spaces.  Click here to download your own copy.

Walking the Talk

Tim is the Owner of Highfields Gardens Childcare Centre in Toowoomba, Queensland. He had previous dealings with STEP4 during the expansion of other childcare centres, but Highfields Gardens was a completely new fit-out.

‘I met with Dan Kennard from STEP4 to discuss the fit-out,’ Tim said. Right from the outset, STEP4 delivered. Their pricing was honest and genuine, and it compared very favourably to other quotes. I like to work with companies that give their best price first time, rather than having to haggle and negotiate.’ When Tim Searles reflected on his experience with STEP4 Learning Resources, his stand-out memory was the refreshing way they ‘walked the talk’. Read More

Introducing natural elements into the indoor learning spaces

The National Quality Standard (NQS), Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and My Time, Our Place (MTOP) require educators to ensure children spend sufficient time with nature to connect with it, develop respect for it and, with their educators’ support, learn how to care for nature and its creatures. Ways to bring nature indoors and/or create a natural feel include:

  • Let in the natural light and fresh air – Open up as many windows as you can, pull back the curtains, remove decorations from the windows, and let the sunlight and fresh air stream in. Learn More

From Concept to Completion

The Directors of Thornton Early Learning Centre appointed STEP4 under this arrangement for the complete supply of childcare furniture and equipment.

One of the Directors explained the benefits for Thornton Early Learning Centre. ‘We are an 84-place childcare centre with 5 rooms. At the beginning of the process, we found the STEP4 product recommendations and quantities for each room very useful. The lists included beds, chairs, tables, age-appropriate toys, play gyms and school readiness items. Read More

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