Early Education News Edition 13

Early Education News Edition 13

This may just be the read for you!  Early Education News Edition 13 is now released, offering valuable tips on STEM & STEAM Learning and aligning your space with the curriculum. Click HERE to download your own copy.

Aligning the space with the curriculum

When Suzanne Barrett set up Explore & Develop in Umina, NSW, she wanted to create an early learning space that aligned with the Walker Learning curriculum. Creating inviting play spaces for children to explore and develop is at the heart of this 88-place long day care centre operating on the beautiful Central Coast. ‘I met with Maree and Dan to discuss the layout and number of rooms,’ Suzanne explained. ‘They gave me suggestions for childcare equipment and furnishings’.   Suzanne reflected on the early childhood furniture and resources she ordered. ‘The custom-made tables meant I could choose the colour to match my décor. The centre has natural stone tiles so I ordered the natural birch tables with white legs. It’s really nice to have an option to personalise furniture colours.  Read More

STEP4 Tips: Fun & Engaging STEM activities for the classroom

When STEM education begins early, it doesn’t have to be provided in a classroom setting. Activities, games and experiments show the practical aspects of science, technology, engineering and math.  Activities as such will teach children problem solving skills, how to choose the right tools for the completion of a project, team work, creative thinking, scientific principles, data recording, logic and even work ethics.  Here are a few fun & practical STEM ideas for the classroom:

  • Make a volcano with vinegar and baking soda
  • Use toothpicks and marshmallows to construct things and teach children about basic shapes and engineering
  • The egg drop engineering challenge (provide kids with supplies like cotton, straws, paper, sponges, etc. to construct a protective shell around the egg and keep it from cracking when it’s dropped

Read More

Delivering a complete experience for the Next Generation

When Carolyn Holmes set out to design Nurture and Develop Early Childhood Centre in Sandgate, NSW, she had a very specific vision in mind.

‘My aim was to make our centre feel like a home rather than a business,’ Carolyn explained. ‘I wanted to deliver a complete experience to every child that comes through the door. And for that experience to be enriching, nurturing and educational, the whole centre had to emanate quality.’

Carolyn had managed centres previously and was never content with the basic plastic toys and furniture generally available for early learning centres. ‘I’m inspired by Reggio Emilia, RIE and Pikler philosophies. If we respect our children and want them to develop well, we should offer them quality products in their early years. For this reason, I chose STEP4 Learning Resources to help me fit out the new centre.’   Read More

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