Effective Ways to Store Blocks and Loose Parts

Effective Ways to Store Blocks and Loose Parts

Keeping blocks and loose parts from taking over the entire play and learning space is impossible without good storage solutions. Getting little items organised depends on providing kids with the right units and making the cleaning up of toys a fun process they’re going to enjoy.

Here are some of the easiest ways to get a child care centre or a classroom organised after the fun is over.

Make Storage Readily Accessible

Children will put blocks and loose parts away if the storage solution is sized correctly and also happens to be easily accessible.

A play table with storage units underneath is one example of a product that makes it easy for kids to put small toys away after they’re done.

If you go for bins, think small rather than big. If the storage unit is too large, children will simply dump stuff inside. In addition, a large bin is very difficult to pull out when little people have to accomplish the task.

Don’t Use the Boxes That the Toys Came in

Using the original boxes is a common storage method but it’s not effective.

Instead, get bins and group toys together.

Have one storage bin for blocks, one storage bin for tiny animals, plastic human figurines, etc. When you introduce logical grouping, kids will find it much easier to put the loose parts exactly where they belong.

Add Photo Labels

To simplify the organisation process even further, add a photo label to each bin or shelf.

Photographs will guide the clean-up efforts and take the guesswork out of the equation. When youngsters aren’t sure exactly where to place a toy, they’ll probably leave it out.

All you need is a colour printer to create photo labels. If you want to increase their lifespan, get the labels laminated.

Choosing the right storage solution for blocks and loose parts depends on the specific needs of your day care or education centre. Don’t hesitate to explore our range of storage products that have been especially designed for use by children.

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