Essential Tips on How to Make Home Schooling Successful

Essential Tips on How to Make Home Schooling Successful

Home schooling is becoming an increasingly hot topic with the Covid-19 social distancing affecting many parts of the world.

If you’re thinking about bringing early childhood education into the home, you’ll have to consider various essentials. You will need to prepare, you’ll need to come up with activities that keep your children engaged, and you’ll also have to maintain/enforce a daily routine. The following tips will help you make the most of home schooling (without losing your mind in the process).

Build Your Curriculum

The effectiveness of early childhood education and learning later on in life are both dependent on the selection of the right curriculum.

In Australia, there’s no official home school curriculum that parents need to adopt. There may be some local requirements so do check when registering. You may also be required to follow certain aspects of the Australian education curriculum – learn more about it here.

You can use many online resources and guides to understand the subjects you need to teach and how to structure the learning process on a day by day basis.

Scheduling and Making It Engaging

To make at-home learning fun and productive at the same time, you’ll need to focus on two things – a regular schedule and an engaging way for the delivery of vital information.

Here are some simple tips you can use to accomplish both:

  • Correct time allocation: The number of hours dedicated to educational activities per day should be chosen carefully. The Education Standards Authority has a pretty useful table you can rely on as your reference for allocating different time slots to different activities.
  • Get the right supplies: A textbook, pen and paper will no longer cut it. Children today need more interactive and hands-on learning opportunities. Once you have the curriculum mapped out, consider the purchase of basic interactive supplies like English language games, art and craft supplies and STEM learning products like anatomy models, science lab supplies and visual discovery kits. STE Products have created some Home-Education Packs which are a great help to parents working from home!
  • Choose the right learning environment: You know your child well. Some children are skilled learners who will master something new quickly. Others will struggle, in which case you’ll have to select the right learning environment. Make sure that the space is distraction-free and capable of promoting the type of learning your child is comfortable with.
  • Always follow your schedule: Start with a good breakfast and move on to the general routine you’ve initially come up with. It’s a good idea to put together a colourful chart or a diagram that will give children a good idea about the activity that they should be engaged in at that specific time.
  • Incorporate frequent breaks in the routine: Academic work can get tedious – not all assignments are fun! Incorporating frequent short breaks in the routine is one of the biggest essentials for keeping kids focused over longer periods of time.
  • Take it outside: Some experiments and activities can occur outdoor. Changing the location every once in a while will keep things interesting. Hence, children will be eager to find out what they’ll be doing next.
  • Employ multimedia and online resources sparingly: There are dozens of interactive educational activities, puzzles and games online. Kids love such learning opportunities but use them sparingly to avoid excessive reliance on such tools in the learning process

You don’t need to be an education expert to get started with home schooling.

Sure, you’ll probably worry about your ability to give your child essential knowledge. As time passes, however, you’ll feel much more confident and capable of coming up with creative home schooling solutions.

We are also here to back you up and support your efforts. Contact us today if you have specific questions about educational resources or go through our blog or media page for informative articles and practical suggestions.

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