Outlook Early Learning Centre

Rachel Broomfield, Director of Outlook Early Learning Centre in Fletcher, NSW, was keen to support a local business when setting up the new centre.

‘I knew which products we required for the centre, so I focused on service and location to start with,’ Rachel explained. ‘We had lots of companies approach us, but I preferred to work with a local company so that it was easy to have meetings and to rectify any problems that might arise.’

Natural products to make the children feel at home

Rachel met with Dan Kennard at STE Products to discuss creating a homely feel with natural products. Both the exterior and interior of Outlook Early Learning Centre have been designed to feel like a home.

‘The exterior has classic sandstone brickwork with Sir Walter Buffalo grass next to an earthy softfall play area,’ Rachel said. ‘For the interior, STE’s furniture options were fantastic with different timbers and colours to complement our residential feel. We selected a combination of natural timber and white.

‘We were impressed with STE’s custom manufacture capabilities, and we ordered curved, wave style storage units that can be put together in interesting ways. We also have custom built children’s lockers and shelving. Our pre-school room has two-sided storage units, which encourage the children to explore all the toys and equipment available to them.’

Versatile furniture for all ages, even the grown ups!

‘As well as the curved storage units, I love the poppet chairs,’ Rachel said. ‘They have three configurations—baby seat, kindy seat and when laid sideways, they are suitable for adults. STE also has other furniture available in different heights for the various age rooms. Versatility is very useful when you are managing a centre for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years.

‘Our centre looks absolutely stunning, and the staff are pleased that our furniture range has so much flexibility. They can change the layout of the room any time they want.’

Approachable and efficient

Rachel reflected on the service she experienced with STE. ‘Dan and the team were always very approachable and easy to get hold of. We had regular meetings and looked at the colour samples to check they matched what we wanted. Nothing was ever a hassle for them and there were many benefits of using a local company.

‘The set up and installation were efficient. A team came and put everything together from start to finish. They even took all the rubbish away. We weren’t prepared for all the cots to be set up initially, but STE came back when we were ready. Now that’s what I call service!

‘STE’s experience shines through. They were so accommodating and supportive of us starting up a brand new centre, and I would highly recommend Dan and his team.’

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